#NoStrawBan: Reusable Straw Kit

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Straw ban but make it swanky. and not ableist.

The #StrawBan + Disability

as you may have heard, many states are implementing a ban on plastic straws in order to decrease waste. while single use plastics are among the top pollutants of the Earth, plastic straws account for only .03% of plastic waste, rendering the straw ban more harmful (for people) than good (for the environment).

Many disabled individuals require bendable plastic straws. here’s a handy chart showing why bendable single-use plastic straws are the only viable option for many with disabilities. 

businesses are supposed to have straws available upon request but they do not always comply. so, we need your help!

visit bit.ly/nostrawban to find out how you can do your part beyond carrying reusable straws.