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No Straw Ban Reusable Straw Kit

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Straw ban but make it swanky, and not ableist.

The #StrawBan + Disability

As you may have heard, many states are implementing a ban on plastic straws to decrease waste.  Single-use plastics are among the top pollutants of the Earth, plastic straws account for only .03% of plastic waste, rendering the straw ban harmful for the environment. 

Did you know many disabled individuals need single-use plastic straws for everyday life? For many individuals with mobility and strength issues, they cannot lift cups high enough to drink from them. Some individuals with poor motor coordination cannot safely hold a drink steady without spilling it. Certain medicines must also be taken via a straw. Bendable plastic straws allow individuals to nourish themselves and avoid spilling things on themselves, and others... (Read More)

Businesses are supposed to have straws available upon request, but they don't always comply. We need your help spreading the word about the ban on plastic straws and how it harms people.  

Please visit to see how you can do your part. If you are a business owner consider carrying reusable straws for your customers. Instead of putting pressure on businesses to carry single-use straws, we need to focus on manufacturers, pressuring them to make an alternative.